Understanding your user to create the best overall experience and interface design 

It is crucial in understanding how your user will interact with your product. 

Our UX/UI designer can create interfaces that both meet the needs of users and offer them an intuitive and distinct experience.

A website or app is much more than a visually appealing interface thrown together. It’s a whole process and Bold Bridge is here to help you through it to make sure your users get the experience they need.



The process begins by understanding a client’s story and challenges that need to be overcome in order to create successful user interaction.  We believe in understanding the culture of the company and what makes it unique.


Thorough research includes exploring the market for competitors, target demographic and content strategy. These key pieces of information enable our designer to create the correct User Interface. 


Starting with the wireframes, we validate them with the actual users of the application. This simplified style makes wireframes a great tool early on, giving the client time to create their content before getting into the details.


A prototype is used to understand and see how a product or application works, what it does and how you should interact with it. They’re simulations of how a finished product will work. 

User Testing

This stage is the process of evaluating a product, feature or prototype with real users. The testers are representative of the actual user base for the product or service.

UI Design - High-fidelity

Now that all of the planning and ideas are done, the next step is the functional design and creating a beautiful, clean user interface.


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